How to enter


Work entered into the Design Week Awards 2018 must have been produced or first published/launched between 9 March 2017 and 16 March 2018 to be eligible for entry. We welcome all forms of entrants, whether you are an individual designer, a design group, agency or client.

Entry fees

Entries into the Design Week Awards are charged at £220 (+VAT) per entry. There is a £40 discount for small businesses (10 employees or less). There is no limit to the amount of categories one piece of work can be entered into. Similarly, there is no limit to the number of times one individual or company can enter different pieces of work.

What you’ll need to enter

1 Explanatory Brief

Your explanatory brief should be a short description of your work to give the judges the background and context to the project. Your project will be judged purely on its aesthetic composition and the judging criteria. However, you are free to provide supporting monetary/marketing statistics if you wish. Your brief should not exceed 500 words.

2 Digital Supporting Material

These should be files either of the project itself, or supporting materials for the work. The maximum number of files for submission are five digital files. Preferred file formats for images are Jpeg, Tif and Bmp, and for moving images Mov files using the H264 codec or Mp4 files. Including your explanatory brief, submissions should not exceed the upload limit of 20MB per entry. Files larger than 20MB in size are to be transmitted using WeTransfer and sent to clearly labelled with your entry number.

3 Physical Samples

To get a true sense of your work, the judges always prefer to see physical samples as part of your submission, where appropriate. Should you wish to send us physical samples, please label all items with the corresponding entry number – you will find this in a confirmation email sent to you after completing your entry. Send your physical samples to: F.A.O. Design Week Awards 2018, 3rd Floor Events, 79 Wells Street, London W1T 3QN